While relatively new to the PPE market, the silicone mask bracket is a face mask inner support frame made from food-grade silicone to make wearing your mask more comfortable. There are quite a few different mask support brackets for sale due to rising demand.

Most of these products are made from harsh, uncomfortable, PE materials that vendors pass off as silicone. Silicone mask bracket, however, is made from soft, flexible, true silicone for a snug fit.

Disposable and heavy fabric masks often cling to your face which can be irritating to your skin and make it more difficult to breathe. The silicone mask frame creates distance between the fabric and your face while maintaining the mask’s effectiveness.

A silicone mask insert can offer comfort and a closer fit, especially if you spend long hours wearing your mask.

Benefits of a Silicone Mask Bracket

While masks are recommended to prevent the spread of Covid-19, they aren’t always comfortable. They can leave harsh rubbing marks, cause skin irritation, require constant adjustment, and make it harder to breathe. But choosing to wear a mask is both thoughtful of others and reduces your risk of falling ill, too.

A 3D mask bracket design makes your face mask more comfortable in multiple ways. It positions the fabric better and prevents chafing against your face.

The silicone mask inserts, aside from preventing your mask’s fabric from hugging your skin, also prevents your mouth from making contact. Keeping your mouth from connecting with fabric reduces the likelihood of bacterial transmission. Additionally, it prevents the frequency of stains from makeup or sweat.

Since the face mask’s inner support frame creates more space to breathe comfortably, it also makes it easier to talk. And, if you wear glasses, the bracket’s design helps prevent your glasses from constantly fogging up.

Features of Mask Bracket


How to Wear the Silicone Mask Frame?

Inserting the silicone face mask frame is simple and is compatible with disposable, N95, cloth, and fabric face masks. To insert the mask support bracket, you’ll need to hook the mask support bracket into one of the folds of either your disposable or fabric mask. You’ll find these hooks on either side of the silicone mask bracket.

Our silicone mask bracket’s hook attachment allows it to affix securely to any fabric so you won’t have to readjust your mask continually.

You’ll then insert the mask into the fold to secure its placement and adjust as needed. All you need to do from there is pinch the face mask bracket and stretch the mask’s fabric to situate it over the insert. Once you’ve completed these steps, wear your mask as you usually would and revel in the comfortable, more breathable style.  

instructions for mask support frame


Is a Silicone Mask Bracket Safe?

While relatively new, the 3D mask bracket hasn’t undergone as intensive studies as the mask itself; however, experts say that as long as the mask fits properly with the face mask support frame, a silicone mask bracket won’t compromise the mask’s quality.

When wearing your mask with the face mask insert, make sure there are no gaps between the mask and your face; you want the mask to have a snug yet comfortable fit.  

To ensure the 3D mask bracket’s safety compliance, experts recommend properly washing or disposing of the bracket after each use. That way, you reduce the risk of bacterial transmission. If you want to take it a step further, you could also try sewing or taping the face mask bracket into place to reduce the possibility of your mask not fitting correctly each time you reinsert it.

Is it Safe for Children?

The silicone mask bracket can accommodate children in their active lifestyles. Because the bracket helps with breathing, it becomes beneficial to children as they spend time running around or playing. Also, for children in school, the face mask bracket may allow kids to speak easier while maintaining the masks’ safety, especially during prolonged wear.  

It may also benefit kids because they won’t have to touch their faces as often as they would when dealing with an uncomfortable mask, especially when they’re not used to wearing one all the time. As long as the face mask bracket doesn’t pose a choking hazard, it is safe for children to use.

Why Choose a Neoprener Silicone Mask Bracket?

Right now, the demand for the silicone mask bracket is high and will likely remain that way until the coronavirus is eradicated. Because of the demand, many vendors offer their own versions of face mask support brackets; however, not all of them meet the same high-quality, high-comfort standards.

Many variations of the silicone mask inserts made from uncomfortable material only emphasize the discomfort masks pose. Neoprener silicone mask bracket may look similar to these other mask inserts, but we make ours from high-quality material, and flexible, soft silicone to prevent irritation while maintaining effectiveness.  

We can supply high-quality products with the service to match. While some sites and stores charge unreasonable prices for their 3D mask brackets, we offer ours at a favorable price that our competitors can’t beat.

Also, with the demand, wholesale offers for the silicone mask bracket has become rare. You won’t have to worry about that with us. We can keep up with the demand and offer you the best service in these challenging times.

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