Bracelet Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wholesale Silicone Wristband Sanitizer with Refill Bottle

Silicone Bracelet Sanitizer is safe to the skin, comfortable and reusable, Especially for people work in healthcare, and children in school to wash their hands anytime and anywhere.
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bracelet sanitizer with bottle

Silicone Bracelet Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With the COVID-19 outbreak, people all over the world have recognized the terrible virus, personal safety, and hygiene has become a concern to everyone, bracelet dispenser filled hand sanitizer or disinfection water will have a huge demand in the market.

Bracelet hand sanitizer dispenser worn on the hand can be loaded with a small amount of disinfectant, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, or other liquids, wherever you go, you can take the lightweight and portable wristband, then you could disinfect your hands anytime and anywhere to prevent viruses.

Bracelet sanitizer dispenser is made of food-grade silicone material,  with the unisex style and multiple colors, it is widely used by students, children, adolescents, middle-aged and elderly people. Especially for people who travel, work in healthcare, service industry, and children in school to wash their hands anytime, anywhere.


bracelet sanitizer dispenser

Feature of Bracelet Sanitizer Dispenser

Portable: Convenient to carry and you can wash your hands anytime, anywhere. Suitable for public places: schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping places, transportation and events: sports, travel, outdoor parent-child activities.

Versatile Usage: You may fill not only no-wash hand sanitizer, but also sunscreen, mosquito repellent or other liquids into the silicone refillable bracelet sanitizer dispenser.

Easy to Use: Just fill the wristband with hand Sanitizer by the refillable bottle,  and squeeze the liquid comes out when you need it.

Multi-Function Silicone Material : Made of food grade silicone material, safe to the skin, reusable, waterproof,  and comfortable.  The surface is smooth,and the shape not easy to change.

One Size Fits All: Adjustable strap design makes one size fits for boys and girls, men and women.

bracelet hand sanitizer dispenser

Custom Bracelet Hand Dispenser

If you want to make a donation or have a plan for promotion recently, customization bracelet hand dispenser will be a good choice. The reusable silicone bracelet wearing on the wrist is conspicuous and will attract a lot of attention because many people are interested in the products related to the coronavirus.  So print your logo on the bracelet will expose your brand effectively, economically, and continuously.

The steps to custom bracelet hand dispenser as follow:

1, Choose the color of bracelet hand dispenser from our products or Any Pantone Color you need( if you choose Pantone color, please give us the Pantone color code).

2,  Give us your artwork with PDF, AI, PS, or other formats suitable for printing.  If your logo with several colors, to save cost,  you may consider just using one color for silk printing.

3, We have rich experience in customization for silicone bracelets.  So we will produce the products directly for orders below 1,000 PCS.  We may make a sample before mass production for order above 1,000 PCS if you request.

custom bracelet hand dispenser

Wholesale Sanitizer Bracelet

Most products are hard to sell at present.  Sanitizer bracelet are practical and attractive as a new product to prevent COVID-19.  Many companies have placed big orders to us, so this item will be very popular soon. Wholesale sanitizer bracelet is a rare opportunity after face mask. Try to grab it and we have the ability to supply high quality products, best service, and favourable offer.

sanitizer bracelet wholesale

Instructions for Silicone Bracelet Sanitizer

Step 1: Pour the hand sanitizer or other liquids into the bottle first. Then point the needle at the inlet and outlet hole. Squeeze the liquid into the wristband.

Step 2: Adjust and Wear the silicone bracelet on your wrist.

Step 3: Put the palm of your hand under the silicone bracelet dispenser. Use your thumb to squeeze the surface to dispense about 1 ML hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand.

Step 4: Rub your hands together to apply the hand sanitizer to all parts of your hands and fingers, as well to your wrists.

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