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Neoprene Bag Wholesale

Wetsuit Material Bag

The wetsuit material bag is very popular in Australia and the USA. It is widely used by diving enthusiasts. The wetsuit-like material have followed features:

neoprene bag material

Beautiful Appearance Fashion
Feels Especially Exquisite and Rich Elasticity
Heat Insulation and Airtight 
Easy to clean

From these features, we may know the neoprene material is very suitable to make bags, especially for lunch bag, beach tote bag, wine tote bag, and laptop bag. As a lunch bag, it must be waterproof and could keep the food warm for a long time. For beach tote bag,  the wetsuit-like material would be the best choice.  The shockproof and Airtight features to make sure the wine bottle safe, keep the wine cold but your hand warm. What is more, the neoprene fabric is easy to clean and feel soft.  So the neoprene bag will be more and more popular in the future while the cost will get lower and lower.


Neoprene Bag Wholesale from Neoprener

As a manufacturer from china, we sell completed series neoprene bags in bulk and cheap. Our product lines include,

Neoprene Tote Bag Series: Neoprene backpack,  Neoprene lunch bag,  Neoprene Wine bag, Neoprene Laptop bag, Neoprene beach bag, Neoprene handbag, Neoprene crossbody bag,  Neoprene shoulder bag, Neoprene GYM bag, etc.

Neoprene Pouch Series:  Neoprene Phone Pouch,  Small neoprene Zipper pouch, Neoprene Camera pouch,  Neoprene cable pouch, etc.

Neoprene Case Series: Neoprene Pencil case, Neoprene Sunglass case and Neoprene tablet case.

We may also customize other neoprene gifts and promotional products as your request if you need to design yourself neoprene pouch or neoprene bags.


How to Purchase High quality Neoprene Bags?

First, We should know if the bags are real or fake when we buy them.

To check the true and false of the diving material, first, we need to see whether the material is too hard, and see whether there are signs of reflection of light on the surface of the fabric. Generally speaking, the diving material with the above two signs is easy to crack and has no extensibility And less soft and protective.

The true diving material has good extensibility. After 830,000 tensile tests, it will not crack. The softness is moderate. The thickness of normal diving material is 3mm (it can also be adjusted according to the guest’s intention). Can cooler bag in 4mm-5mm (heat preservation and cooling effect are very good).

Second, you should know the difference between high and how quality Neoprene Material.


high quality material for neoprene bag


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