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We sell high quality personalized neoprene popsicle holders at cheap price in bulk as a top manufacturer from the biggest base of neoprene products in the World
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Neoprene Popsicle Holders 


Neoprene Popsicle holders are made of fabric laminated with neoprene material.  When you or your kids eat Ice Pop, The wetsuit material sleeve could keep your hands clean and warm while keeping the popsicle cold longer. So the freeze pop holder could make the ice pop melted more slowly.  and you can heartily enjoy the treat.  Neoprene Popsicle holders are called icy pole holders in Australia and ice lolly holders in the UK.

Neoprene ice pop holder is ideal for both adults and kids in the summer, it is practical for backyard barbeques, concerts, and a great gift when you enjoy birthdays, holidays or parties with your friends or classmates.  

Shark and Mermaid tail Popsicle Holder

Shark and mermaid tail popsicle holder is perfect for little hands to grab the ice pop. If you find some smells from the popsicle sleeves, please don’t worry. This kind of smell is from the neoprene material and is not harmful to the human body, and it will go away after airing out for 2-3 days.  

Generally, neoprene popsicle holder is made of 2mm ~ 3.5mm thickness neoprene material,  it is better to use the thickest neoprene material to produce the mermaid tail popsicle holder and shark popsicle holder because the thickest material could improve cold insulation performance and keep the ice pop from melting for much longer.

Mermaid Tail Popsicle Holder

Mermaid Tail Popsicle Holder

Shark Popsicle Holder

Shark Popsicle Holder

Features of Neoprene Popsicle Sleeve:

  • Thermal Insulation: Neoprene ice pop sleeves keep your hands dry and clean while keeping the popsicle cold longer.
  • Durable&Machine Washable: Neoprene material is stronger than the polyester or cotton material, it is sturdy and machine washable.
  • Comfortable to hold: Tapered edges and openings allows for a comfortable grip for hands of all sizes. 
  • Vibrant colors – The neoprene popsicle sleeves come in different glorious colors and it is attractive to kids.
  • Save Paper Towels: Stop wrap the ice pop with the paper towels and use the eco-friendly neoprene material popsicle sleeve.


Personalized Popsicle Holders 

Blank Popsicle holders can be personalized with HTV, screen printing or sublimation printing.  Our company can customize the neoprene Ice Pop Sleeve according to the customer’s design and requirements of different colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

Neoprene Popsicle Holders Sample

We have non-customized samples in stock, they are free, you just need to pay the freight.  If you need customized samples, mail us your logo or artwork,  we will charge the cost of printing and freight.

Sample lead time: 2 days for non-customized samples and 3-7days for custom popsicle holder samples.

neoprene blank Popsicle Holder for personlization


Neoprene Popsicle Holder Wholesale 

If you want to purchase the lowest price of neoprene popsicle holders, you come to the right place.  As a manufacturer located in the Dongguang of china, where is the biggest base manufacturing neoprene products.  Our sewing factory uses the utmost quality neoprene material and adopts advanced sewing&printing equipment to produce neoprene Ice pop holders, and we could supply the most competitive neoprene popsicle sleeves. 

The wholesale neoprene popsicle holders are all sold at wholesale prices. If you order them in bulk, you will get a big discount price. You can take advantage of the cheap price, especially if you are using the freeze pop holder as promotional gifts.  The most popular neoprene promotion gift is can koozie. It likes the neoprene popsicle koozie, could keep the beverage in the can cool up to 4 hours and the drinker’s hand warm.  We also wholesale neoprene lunch bags and neoprene school bags, which are widely used and very attractive for kids.



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