Wholesale Blank koozies Cheap Neoprene Blank Collapsible Koozies In Bulk

We sell high quality blank coozies at cheap price as a top manufacturer from the largest base of neoprene products worldwide
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Wholesale Blank koozies

Cheap Blank Koozies 


Blank koozies, also called Blank Coozies or Blank Coolies are used to keeping the beverage cold and the drinker’s hand dry.  Our blank koozies include can coozies, beer bottle koozies with zip, pint glass coolies, cup koozies, water bottle coolies, slim can koozies, Slap can Koozies, Magnetic can Koozies and more! 

Blank Coolies are perfect for celebrating a wide range of events, including weddings, sport clubs activities, bachelor party, Christmas parties, family or company picnic. They could be gifts and souvenirs, your customers or staff could take home and reuse them in their lives. So people will be very impressed with your events.

Blank Koozies are great marketing products for your business. Our blank neoprene blank koozies are perfect for the full-color dye sublimation with high quality ink and could withstand the high temperatures of the printing process. The Heat Transfer Printing for blank collapsible koozies is without double image, white edge, and relatively clear.  Designing blank coozies with your business logo or slogan is a very economical way for ultimate branding and awareness opportunities when you want to promote your brand.

High Quality Blank Koozies



Neoprene Blank Koozies Craft

The craft for blank koozies could be screen print, dye sublimation, heat transfers, embroidery, embossed, etc. You may do what you like by yourself. If you want wholesale koozies, blank collapsible koozies will be a good choice. We may supply it with no minimum order for most styles.



Wholesale Blank Koozies

As a manufacturer located in the Dongguang, China, where is the biggest base producing Neoprene Products.  We could wholesale neoprene blank koozies at cheap price. If you order them in bulk, we will give you a favorable discount.  Our company use high quality neoprene material and adopts advanced sewing&printing equipment to produce first-class Neoprene products.


Neoprene Koozies Sewing


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