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Custom Stubby Holders

Stubby holders are sleeves used to keep the beverage in the vessel cool for a long time, so it is also called stubby cooler. They are widely used and very popular in Australia because of the hot weather. But In most countries, the stubby holder is called koozies or coozies.  It is called stubby holder because that it is mostly used to wrap the 375ML beer stubby in Australia, which is shorter and fatter than the 330ML(12 OZ) can cooler used mostly in the USA.   Today stubby holders are used to wrapping many sizes of cans and bottles, which used to contain beer, iced tea, soda, water or Juice. 

Size of Stubby Coolers

Our neoprene stubby holder is made with high quality neoprene fabric.  Comparing to common foam, neoprene wetsuit-like material is used to make high-quality stubby coolers. Because it could keep the beverage cool as long as possible, have a better shockproof function, and feeling more comfortable to hold.

Cheap Stubby Holders

Custom Stubby Holders

Custom stubby holders are a great choice to celebrate any events – including wedding, hen nights, bucks nights, birthdays,  Christmas, golf days, fishing trips, – and also promotional products for business. A customized stubby holder is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a gift, promotion or memento.  Unlike other promotional items, people never throw them away because they are useful items that become a part of everyday life.

Of course, to have the best response from your guests or customers what’s printed on your stubby coolers needs to be great too.  You may supply the artwork or let us design it according to your request for free, So you will absolutely get a satisfying design with our professional team finally.

Common design indications for customizing your stubby coolers will include names, dates, event locations, other text, images, clip art, etc. Don’t hesitate to upload a photo of a font you like, a style you’re going for or just a color you think is neat. Feel free to just provide a little direction or none at all and one of our certified designers will do the rest!

To print the design on the stubby holder,  full-color sublimation or screen printing are mostly used. If the design is simple letters, screen printing is a lower cost and more suitable. if it is a colorful photo, then we should use full-color-sublimation. Anyway, You will get what you want on the holder.

We take care of everything from the order being taken to design, print, manufacturing, and delivery. Our stubby holders come in a huge range of colors and can be personalized to any requirements.

Neoprene Stubby holders Application

Neoprene can koozies are widely used on outdoor events in summer. A stubby holder is one of the most effective promotional items you can use to promote your business, brand, club, conference or event because they are durable, affordable.

Stubby Holders are perfect for:

Family occasions – Custom koozies emblazoned with your family name and event date are a fantastic way to honor your gathering. Add a funny quote to engage guests!

Corporate events – If you are looking for a fresh and innovative way to promote your business, corporation or corporate event a custom-printed stubby holder is an inexpensive way to do it. Businesses need to consider their branding at all times. Whether it’s an in-house annual meeting or an industry event, having your brand logo printed across our custom koozies is a definite win. Stubby holders are the easiest modern way to keep your business or brand relevant in the eyes of your customers. Your logo printed on a neoprene stubby holder will likely never get thrown away, it will be kept, collected and shared by your fans for many years.

Weddings – Wedding stubby holders are a party favor for destination weddings, barn weddings, and beach weddings.  Foldable, lightweight, fund and out of the ordinary, personalized wedding koozies bring a certain funk your guests can really enjoy. Your family and friends will adore
the beautiful stubby holder with funny wedding quotes, romantic sceneries, the names of the couple, or a special message you’d like to share with your guests. 
Wedding day is so important, we only offer the highest standard of stubby coolers for sale. 

Wholesale Stubby Holders In Bulk

As a manufacturer located in the Dongguang of china, where is the biggest base producing neoprene products.  We could wholesale neoprene stubby holder at cheap price. If you order them in bulk, we will give you a favorable discount. Our company adopts advanced sewing printing equipment to produce high quality products to meet the customer’s process requirements.

The following is the production process of our company for custom stubby holders order

1. Customers provide drawings or real samples for us to copy or make the sample.
2. Customers confirm the sample and prepay 30% of the large goods.
3. Prepares materials for production. 
4. Goods will be shipped after the balance payment received.


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