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We sell high-quality custom neoprene glasses cases at cheap price in bulk as a top manufacturer from the biggest base of neoprene products in the World
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Neoprene Glasses Cases


Neoprene glasses cases are made of the soft wetsuit-like neoprene material, this kind of material is ultra-light, elastic, and soft, it can prevent the surface of your glasses from scratch. The special shape neoprene glasses case can fit most of the eyeglasses and sunglasses, it is convenient to take out when you attend outdoor activities and shopping. 

People usually like outdoor sports during summer, a glasses case is necessary when travel, climb or go to the beach. Generally, it is with a clasp and could be attached to a neoprene beach bag or a neoprene backpack. It is convenient to take away and fits for men, women, boys, and girls.

The Versatile neoprene glasses cases are widely used, not only to hold glasses, you could use it as a coin purse, jewelry bag or cosmetic bag to hold lipstick, keys, cards, pencils, etc.

Features of Neoprene Glasses Case:

  • Avoid Scratches: Soft and Smooth material protect the lenses and surface of glasses from scratches
  • Nondeformable: Good flexibility and resilience, long-term use without deformation.
  • Versatile: Could be used as a purse, a jewelry bag or a cosmetic bag

Custom Neoprene Sunglass Case

The custom sunglass cases are practical promotional and retail products. Our factory can customize the products as your requirements, you may imprint the logo, choose color, or design size and style.  If you have a design, just mail it to us for proof. If you don’t have a design,  our expert graphic designers will create the perfect custom neoprene eyeglass for you for free if you need it.

Imprinting your business name and logo on the cases is a perfect advertise. These cost-effective giveaways are perfect for any summer marketing campaign because sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.  Customers will notice you logo every time when they slip the eyewear in or out of the neoprene glasses case.




 Neoprene Eyeglass Pouch

The neoprene eyeglass pouch is very lightweight so that they will not weigh your bag down. The slim pouches fit most standard sized glasses and sunglasses and save space wherever you put it.

Besides holding the glasses, the eyeglass pouch can be used to store credit cards and IDs when a purse won’t do. You can also cleverly store your smartphone, jewelry, money, and more!

Neoprene Eyeglass Pouch



Neoprene Glasses Straps

Neoprene glasses straps are made of high-quality neoprene foam. It is also named neoprene eyeglasses cord, eyeglass belt, and glasses holder. The elastic neoprene material makes it suitable for different sizes of head and keeps your glasses steady. 

Neoprene eyeglass strap is comfortable to wear all day long because the material is soft and ultra-light. It can protect your glasses from falling when you do sports,  such as running, surfing, playing basketball, and swimming. The cheap glasses cords are great promotional gifts for brand promotion.  We can customize the style with the logo, size, and color required by customers.

Neoprene Glasses Straps


Eyewear Accessories and Neoprene Eyeglass Cases Wholesale

Famous brand glasses retailers should supply additional accessories for customers. So the eyewear accessories include sunglass cases, eyeglass pouches, and glasses straps are widely used. 

If you want to purchase the lowest price of neoprene eyeglass cases, you come to the right place.  As a manufacturer located in the Dongguang of china, where is the biggest place manufacturing neoprene products.  We could supply the most competitive neoprene glasses cases. 

The wholesale eyeglass cases and other eyewear accessories are all sold at wholesale prices. If you order them in bulk, you will get a big discount price. You can take advantage of the cheap price, especially if you are using the cases, pouch, or strap as promotional gifts.



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