Koozies Are the Cool Way to Make Your Mark

You are tailgating at the big game on a warm afternoon. You just opened a can of your favorite beverage, the one that tastes best when it is ice cold. Before, you had noticed that within a few minutes, your drink began to lose its chill.

This time, you came prepared and slipped your koozie over the can. Now, not only are you going to keep your favorite drink at its icy best but show that you are your team’s biggest fan as you had your koozie customized in your team’s colors and logo.

A koozie, also known as cozy, coozie, coolie, beer hugger, beer huggie, and a stubby holder, is the fun and practical way to enjoy your refreshments. These neoprene sleeve covers are easy to put over any can or bottle, insulating your drink while making it easy to hold. They are also customizable, meaning you can print any design on them from a funny saying to your favorite team.

With a Koozie, not only will you be able to wear your spirit, but drink it as well.

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How Many Kinds of Koozies?

Beverages come in different types of containers and a vast array of sizes. They hold drinks that can be hot or cold and keeping that temperature constant is vital to the enjoyment of your beverage.

Simultaneously, making it easy to carry so the drink does not slip from your fingers or scald your hand is just as important. Recognizing these needs, the designers of koozies have made sure they are all about versatility.

Covering Your Can

Whether you plan on tailgating at the game of your favorite football team, enjoying a backyard party, or having a beach outing, canned beverages are a mainstay. Can koozies come in a variety of colors with sleeve designs that wrap around the border of your can or can encapsulate the bottom as well, ensuring a snug fit that keeps your hands dry and your drink in your control.

Bottles of Any Shape

Glass containers are commonplace and often used, not only for soft drinks and beer but also for high-end beverages. If you have that beer or wine bottle that you want to keep chilled, bottle koozies come in an array of custom designs that stretch from the standard 16-ounce container to the 24-ounce wine bottle.

Hugging Your Mug

Nothing is better than that hot cup of coffee in the morning or a steaming mug of cocoa on a chilling evening. If enjoying these beverages out of a mug is your preferred method, koozies come in a variety of designs that will keep your drinks piping hot while keeping your hands nice and cool.

A Koozie for Your Cups

You are at your office party or a backyard barbecue, and they hand you a drink in a disposable plastic cup. It doesn’t take long before that cold beverage turns lukewarm and the condensation has it slipping from your hand. Cup koozies have you covered. Their adjustable sleeves will conform to most cups, keeping your drink ice cold and your hands dry.

Slap on Your Koozie

Easy to store and easier to use, slap koozies are a convenient and versatile way to have your cup or bottle protection at the ready. While not in use, they lay flat, making them easy to store. Yet, when you need them, they quickly slap around almost any size cup or beverage container, preserving the temperature of your beverage while making your drinking vessel easy to hold.

Magnetic Koozies Stick With You

You are tailgating at the big game, on grill duty. You have your beverage in hand, forced to hold it because there is no place to put your drink down. The magnetic koozie is the answer to this dilemma.

Fitted with a strong magnet, your koozie bottle or can cover can now act as a holder. The powerful magnet allows you to safely fix your drink to any metal surface while still providing all the benefits of koozie drink insulation and protection.

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Do Koozies Really Work?

It may sound that the claims of a koozie’s effectiveness may be overblown. While the ability to keep your hands dry and safe from extreme temperatures is pretty apparent, the effectiveness of temperature regulation may not seem as obvious, making you question its effectiveness.

In independent studies using calibrated thermometers, koozies kept beverages anywhere between 8 to 12 degrees cooler. A test conducted by lifhacker.com also confirmed that these unique beverage insulators keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter versus unprotected beverage containers.

What Causes My Drink Temperature to Fluctuate?

There are two causes of temperature deterioration of a beverage: Exposure to the outside atmosphere, and the consumer’s handling. These factors come into play, especially with cold drinks.

An unprotected canned or bottled cold beverage immediately starts to warm when opened and exposed to the outside air. Combined with the warmth of your hand on the outer surface of the container, temperatures can fluctuate 5 to 8 degrees within the first 10 minutes after being opened.

Why Koozies Work?

You may ask why koozies are so useful. The secret is in the materials they use. Koozies are mainly made of neoprene or foam, and both offer unique properties that make them perfect for preserving the temperature of your drink while adding security to your grip.


Neoprene is the DuPont trade name for chloroprene synthetic rubber. According to the experts at Process Industry Forum, it is made using a process called polymerization. The unique process links molecules into chains and is then melted and mixed with foam agents to create the flexible and durable material of neoprene.

Neoprene has many advantages. It is water and corrosion resistant, and its flexibility gives it a wide range of uses. Its molecular structure also gives it unique insulation properties and capabilities, making it the perfect material for a koozie. It is also easy to print on, allowing for identification and promotional opportunities.


Foam is made of two chemicals, Polyisocyanates, and polyols. While it is more porous than neoprene, it still offers excellent insulating qualities and is especially useful at protecting hot beverages.

Foam is also less expensive to produce. For those on a budget or who want to order large quantities of koozies, foam offers an excellent alternative to neoprene.

do koozies work?

Application of Neoprene Koozies

With excellent visibility and customizability, neoprene koozies are a fantastic way to offer a personal touch to any special event, meeting, or promotional opportunity. With their durability, they will also continue to be in use for a long time. There are many different occasions for presenting a koozie.


If you are marketing your service or product, a custom koozie is a perfect tool to imprint your name on the minds of potential customers. They are highly visible permanent billboards whose utility will have them in constant use. A koozie can be a daily reminder of your business.

A business meeting with potential clients, a conference, or even a mixer, offers the perfect opportunity to show off your brand in a fun and useful manner. Imagine the positive results of potential customers being reminded of your product or service.

Special Events

For events you want your guest to remember, neoprene Koozies are a great way to add fun and uniqueness to your special day. Religious events and birthday celebrations are the ideal occasions to give Koozies commemorating the day.

Koozies can even be given as souvenirs from a wedding. Not only are they fun keepsakes, but they are also ideal for pre and after ceremony celebrations.


If you have a sporting event you would like to attend with your group or a local little league team that you want to showcase your support for, the koozie is the perfect way to display your support.

Logos in your school’s or local sports team’s colors are a fantastic way to highlight your team spirit.  Personalized Koozies for your running or cycling club, or even your book club, offers a unique way to celebrate and bond your group together.

Promotional Events

If you are at a promotional event with just a sparse amount of time to impress your brand on the minds of potential customers, a custom koozie is a quick, portable, and visible way to do so. The koozie is small enough to be easily tucked into a pocket or purse, but once in use, it becomes a noticeable and vibrant advertisement for your business or service.

With a vast array of colors and different styles and dimensions, you can customize your koozies to meet the tastes of each promotional event. Whether you are marketing to a wine crowd at one event and a beer crowd at the next, there is a koozie for you.

Koozies for Promotion

A Koozie for Every Occasion

Every special event, occasion, and branding opportunity deserves a unique reminder. Koozies provide the perfect way to signify your business, brand, or special occasion. Whether it is a magnetic koozie for your big tailgating party, the neoprene bottle koozies for your business conference, or the slap koozie at the expo marketing event, custom koozies are a unique and memorable way to mark any occasion.