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Wholesale and Manufacturer of silicone face mask ear savers for front-line and surgeons. The face mask strap extender is adjustable and could fit all popular ear-loop face masks.
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Silicone Mask Ear Savers

Silicone Mask Ear Savers are nice for the people who have to wear ear loop face masks all day long.  After the mask straps wearing on the backs of the ears for a while, they can cause skin breakdown behind the ear and make uncomfortable, people tend to want to take it off or they’re readjusting and touching their face in that area, this may cause extra risk.

The silicone mask ear protector could decompress the back of the ears.  It puts that pressure onto the back of the head and disperses the pressure so that makes you feel comfortable and sustainable to the pulling. So if you are doctors or nurses, this face mask holder ear saver is necessary for your surgical face masks. If you are office staffs or need to go out for a long time, it is also a perfect choice.

Additionally, if you use disposable face masks,  there will be a big gap on both sides of the nose in daily use, this gap creates a channel for impurities in the air that can affect health. The silicone mask ear savers could make the mask seal your face tighter while making it more comfortable.

silicone mask holder ear savers application

Features of Food Grade Silicone Surgical Mask Extender

Sealing the Disposable Face Mask Tighter: The elasticity of the silicone material is greater than the crochet or foam, with this strong resilience, the silicone mask extension hook placed on the left and right sides of the mask can hold the mask tighter on the nose wing and the outside of the mouth cavity. The tight fit can effectively prevent germs and impurities from passing through the gap into the respiratory tract and make you safer.

Adjustable: The mask extension buckle has 3 slots and can extend your mask strap length to about 2-4 inches, you can adjust the length of the hooks to mask the masks loosen or tighten according to your requirements. 

adjustable mask strap entension holder

Avoid Bacterial breeding:  Comparing to the crochet mask ear saver, the food-grade silicone material could prevent the bacterial breeding. So the silicone face mask extender is safer than the foam or crochet Mask Strap Extender.

Food Grade Material: Food Grade Silicone material, washable,  soft, flexibility, environmental protection, and anti-allergy. Temperature resistance in-40 °C to 250 °C for long-term use.

Solve Ear Pain for all Earloop Masks: With the mask strap extender, you may change the earloop mask to head mask, and say goodbye to the ear pain of wearing an earloop Face mask for a long time. 

Custom Mask Ear Savers

If you need custom mask ear savers, you may choose the style in the below picture. The price of this style is more expensive, but it is more beautiful and you may print logo on the back of it. So it is suitable for High-End Demand.

custom Mask Ear Saver

Wholesale Silicone Mask Ear Savers

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people need to wear face masks for a long time when they are working or go out far. Most of them are wearing earloop masks, like the N95 face mask and medical disposable face mask, it will cause ear pain widely, a mask ear holder behind head could solve this problem.

So there will be a big demand for mask ear protector. Silicone mask ear protector are much more competitive to others, no matter you compare the material or price. Wholesale silicone mask ear savers will be a good business in the coming several months. As a manufacturer of silicone face masks, we have big stock of food-grade silicone material and could produce large quantity of mask holders in short time, and give you a favorable offer. If you want to purchase mask ear savers in bulk, contact us today.

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Silicone KN95 Filter Face Mask

If you need are finding a low-cost face mask could be easily sanitized, silicone face masks should be the best choice.  With the protection from the reusable silicone mask shell,  the cheap small KN95 filter could work 2-7 days,  it is more economical than the KN95 face mask. Both Silicone face masks and ear saver could be easily sanitized by the boil water and you will fell comfortable if you wear the silicone face mask with silicone mask ear saver.

Silicone Face Mask for Covid 19
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