Silicone Mask Bracket Wholesale Reusable 3D Face Mask Brackets

Most Mask brackets are made of hard PE material in the market. Silicone mask bracket is soft and much more comfortable. With the safe to skin mask support frame, you may breathe smoothly, speak without friction, and protect makeup.
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Silicone Mask Brackets

3D Silicone Mask Brackets

Silicone Mask Bracket is a mask inner frame made of silicone, as called mask brace.  It is used to keep your mask from touching your face, making it easier to breathe and potentially minimizing irritation and sultry. The face mask inner support frame can also reduce the friction frequency between the face and mask to protect the mask surface from getting stained.

Face Mask Brackets are practical and very popular at present.  Most of them are made of uncomfortable& hard PE Material, but many sellers say it is made of silicone. Food Grade Silicone mask brackets are very soft and much more comfortable than the PE Mask brackets.  The PE plastic material is hard and will rub against your face when you speak, so stop to use the PE Plastic Mask Brackets now.

The 3D silicone Mask Brackets are suitable for Disposable Face Mask, N95 Mask, Cloth Face mask, and fabric Face Mask. 

silicone face mask brackets

Silicone Face Mask Bracket

mask bracket made by PE material

PE Face Mask Bracket

Feature of Silicone Mask Bracket

Comfortable Silicone Material: The food grade silicone material is Soft&comfortable, Safe to skin, Reusable and Washable. 

Breathing Smoothly:  The 3D Mask Breathing bracket brace the mask around the mouth to create more space. you will feel easy to breathe.

Protect Lipstick Makeup:  There is a gap between mouth and mask after you wear the face mask frame,  your makeup won’t be messed up by the friction.  

Speak Without Friction:   With the mask support frame, you can speak without feeling the mask against your mouth, this is very important if you need to speak long time per day.

Health and HygieneThe bracket prevent the mouth touch the mask.  Protect the lining from getting stained and reduce risk of bacterial transmission.

Reduce Fogging:  It is hard to bear the fogging when cycling or walking. The silicone mask bracket could create more breathing space, this will reduce the fogging drastically.

One Size Fits Most People: Enough space size make it suitable for most masks and people.

features of mask support brackets

Wholesale Silicone Face Mask Bracket

There is a huge market for face mask at present.  Silicone face mask bracket is attractive as a new product to solve the problems when people wearing masks.   We think it is more practical than the silicone mask ear saver. and It will be very popular until the coronavirus disappear. So wholesale the face mask bracket is a rare opportunity. Try to grab it and we have the ability to supply high quality products, best service, and favourable offer.

If You are selling the face mask bracket in bulk, what you sell maybe PE plastic bracket, try our silicone face mask bracket, you will throw them away.

wholesale silicone mask brackets

Instructions for Mask Support Frame

Step 1: Align the hook of the mask support frame with the inner fold of the disposable mask.

Step 2: Insert the mask into the fold and fix it.

Step 3: Pinch the face mask inner support frame and Stretch the disposable mask.

Step 4: Wear the Mask as normal.

instructions for silicone mask brackets


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