Neoprene (SBR CR diving material), commonly known as diving material, is a synthetic rubber foam body, feel fine, soft, elastic, with shock resistance, insulation, flexibility, impermeability, impermeability and so on. Because it is widely used in the manufacture of diving products, so it has a common name: diving materials. In recent years, with the continuous reduction of cost and the push of many professional manufacturers, it has become a new material used in many popular products.

Neoprene is widely used in wet suits, sports support, body-shaping products, gifts, can sleeves, fishing pants, etc. Neoprene is made from fabrics of various colors or functions, such as: T cloth, Lycra, N cloth, mercerized cloth, Nylon, OK cloth, imitation OK cloth, etc.

Neoprene (SBR CR diving material) is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, through adjusting the formula, you can foam different physical properties of Neoprene material. The following materials are currently available:

CR series: 100% CR suitable for surfing suit, diving suit, and other products
SW series: 15% CR 85% SBR for koozies, handbags, sporting products
SB SERIES: 30% CR 70% SBR for sports support products, gloves products
SC series: 50% + 50% SBR suitable for fishing pants, sulfur-added footwear products can also be based on customer requirements, development of neoprene material for special physical properties.