Laptop users know that the original beautiful laptop shell will appear paint or scratches after use a short time. This phenomenon is particularly evident at the two corners of the front of the laptop. This is due to the use of laptops, we will often get out the machine from the bag or put in, it is easy to make the edge of the laptop part of the paint was worn off; if you add a notebook neoprene sleeve bag, the problem will be solved.

The neoprene laptop sleeve with follow functions and make it popular comparing other bags.

1. Flexibility: All inner liners can be stretched at will.

2. Rugged: Protect your laptop from the usual chafing and wear.

3. Zipper maintenance plan to avoid damage to your laptop case when the Zipper is pulled.

4. Open and close plan: Open and close plan, let you easily take out or put into the notebook computer.

5, advanced diving material bag waterproof, maintenance laptop from water splashing and rain.

6, advanced diving material bag lightweight portable, lightweight, suitable for frequent outings and use of notebook people.

7, advanced diving material bag can protect laptop from scratch or water damage, easy to clean, not deformation.

8, size, color, cloth can be based on the request of the guests, according to the request of the guests to produce a different standard computer bag.