Neoprene face mask with KN95 carbon filter is mostly used as a sport mask, especially for cycling and running.  The other main cycling mask is made of mesh cloth, Comparing to the neoprene mask, mesh cloth cycling mask is more comfortable and suitable for warm weather.

Cycling is more and more popular with the coronavirus spread recently. Are Cycling Masks with Filter Effective Against the Coronavirus?

What is a Neoprene Face Mask?

If you know the disposable N95 Face mask, It is will much helpful for you to understand what is a neoprene face mask.  Please check the picture of the neoprene face mask below first.

N95 face mask

N95 Face Mask

neoprene half mask with filter

Neoprene Half Mask with Filter

A disposable N95 mask(respirator) with a one-way breathing valve, the metal clip on top is for sealing the mask with your nose tightly, and with the one-way valve, you should breathe in through the fabric while breathing out through the valve,  that will help filter the dust, allergens or virus going into your lungs.

You may see that the shape of filters of neoprene face mask looks like the N95 mask, and the neoprene face mask also has two one-way valves like N95 mask. The difference is that there is an extra neoprene shell for a neoprene face mask.  The shell is made of durable neoprene material that could be used for about 2 years. You may check the what is neoprene to know more about neoprene material.

The N95 or N99 filters are non-resistant to oil, so it doesn’t protect you from oil-based paints or any type of chemicals. What it does protect you from are non oil-based paints harmful things in the air, for example, if you’re sanding it’ll protect you from the dust particles. If you’re out mowing the lawn and you have allergies and it also is good for protecting you from just general things pollution dust in the air.

When you’re doing things like riding, running, hiking, and various snow sports like snowboarding or skiing, Neoprene sport masks with N99 filters could reduce 99% of the PM2.5. If you just want the function like the N95 mainly to anti-virus and flu, you may choose the N95 filter, which with the same function as N95 respirator.

Can Neoprene Masks Prevent Coronavirus?

Neoprene masks allows for maximum ventilation without sacrificing any filtration. It is mostly used by bikers and firefighters to anti PM2.5 pollution.  The N99 filter of the neoprene mask is with activated carbon layer&melt-brown layers to anti dust,toxic gas, and virus while the N95 face mask mainly with melt-blown layers to prevent flu and virus.  So the neoprene N99 mask with N99 filter, like the N95 face mask, could protect against the coronavirus.

n99 filter for neoprene face mask

After wearing this mask, it can help to protect against virus, but cannot protect others if you are infected. Any mask that has an exhalation valve such as this model will not help to protect persons close by from COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) or any other virus that the wearer may be exhaling. During the 2020 Pandemic, please do not visit your elderly parents/grandparents using such a mask to protect them from you. The simpler, non-valve masks can help to not expose others when you are contagious. Remember, you can be spreading this virus for 2 weeks to a month before you experience any symptoms.

How to Wear a Neoprene Mask with ear loop?

1. Put the neoprene mask on your face, find the most suitable position between the bridge of nose and the Jaw.
2. Make sure that this loop goes around the top side of your ear on each Side, take the velcro to the back fastened down. The stretchable velcro straps that allows it to fit any size head.
3. Adjust the nose clip to make a good firm squeeze, so it fits to your face and doesn’t allow slip and  air-leak.  You won’t have any issues with your breath fogging up the glasses.

install neoprene face mask 
After you wear the neoprene mask,when you breathe out, your air will push out the dual one-way valves open up and all your breath gets pushed out. So that it keeps your mouth area nice and cool. When you breathe in, the valves close and all the air comes through the filter, and you can get the air without virus and dust, and now you can breathe healthier with the neoprene sport mask.

How and when to replace the filter?

The replaceable N99 filters are not washable and could last for about 35 hours before you need to replace them, so we suggest you replace it in 15 days if use 2-3 hours per day. But if you use it in heavy dust environment like construction industrial and woodworking,  you may need to replace it in 5-10 days. If you use it to protect against coronavirus, please replace it in 2-3 days.

Whenever you think the filter might be getting too dirty for use, you should replace it. The filter life is really going to depend on how much you use the mask itself, so if you’re outside in very dusty environments, such as pollen working around wood, using this on dusty trails, mountain biking,  the filter is going to become clogged and dirty and not filter as well, so it’s really going to depend on how you are using the the face mask and you’ll be able to get a good feel a good idea of whatever this needs to be changed.

It is easy to replace the internal N99 filter inside of the half face mask.
1. Open the mask to reveal the two valves on each side
2. On the inside each side has a little screw cap, you just unscrew those to take the caps off according to the “open” guide on the valves.
3. Take out the valves and filter from the half face mask shell.
4. Take a new filter and put it right back in its place and installing the new filter would just be in reverse of what you just did.  Put the new filter in place line up the holes on the inside, then you would take the two inserts on the backside of the valve, put it in place give it a good half turn according to the “close” guide on the valves, and do the same to the other side. Then the replacement is finished.

how to replace the filter of neoprene face mask?
replace the filter of neoprene sport mask

Keep the Neoprene Mask Shell and Valves Clean

After using the reusable neoprene face mask outside for a while you probably will build up a little bit of dirt onto the shell. so just put some warm water on it with some regular laundry detergent or dish soap, then give it a good cleaning by hand and let it air dry gonna be good as new. one thing you all want to keep an eye on are these valves and of course your internal filtration pad, just replace those as needed. Clean these valves with warm water if they get a little bit of dirt accumulated on them.

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