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We wholesale reusable anti covid and air pollution neoprene masks with carbon filter at cheap price in bulk as a top manufacturer from the biggest base of neoprene products in the World
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Neoprene Face Masks With Carbon Filter for Coronavirus

Neoprene face mask is made of reusable face mask shell and replaceable filter. Generally, there are 5-layers in the filter.  The activated carbon layer could protect against airborne allergens and harmful gas, and the melt-blown layer could prevent bacteria and viruses. The 3-layers disposable medical mask is just with the melt-blown layer to antivirus. Our 5-ply neoprene respirator mask is as safe as the 5-layers N95 Face Mask.

The neoprene face mask is stretchable and adjustable, this makes it comfortable around your face while creating a solid seal that filtrates up to 99% percent of microscopic particulates. The dual valve exhaust provides one-way easy breathing, expels moisture, and optimizes temperature.  It never gets hot inside the face mask. You can breath easy with no dust and virus getting in.

This neoprene respirator mask is ideal for anti-dust and pollution for agriculture, landscaping, construction industrial, painting, woodworking, gardening ,and sports like cycling, running. it also protects yourself from flu and coronavirus when you go out.

replacement carbon filter for neoprene mask

Feature of Reusable Neoprene Masks

Without Smell of Glue: Most of Neoprene Face Mask in the market are with smell of glue and very uncomfortable to wear. Our Neoprene Masks made of neoprene fabric laminated with high quality soft&elastic cloth and glue without smell.

Replaceable 95% Filter: Activated carbon layer and melt-brown layer in the filter block out 95 percent of viruses like flu and coronavirus, bacteria, allergens, contaminants, dust, and other airborne particles, so the mask is same standard of N95 mask.

Breathing Valves: One way exhaust valves on both sides of the neoprene masks will close to guarantee no leak and filter the incoming air when  breathe in and open when Breathe out . Rapid air flow valve allows for easy and natural breathing. 

Multi-Function Neoprene Material: The neoprene material is washable, durable, stain-resistant, anti-dust, and It feels soft and flexible.  So the neoprene face mask is Reusable, Portable and Comfortable

Velcro Strap: The Adjustable Velcro Strap could make the filter mask fit your face better.

Adjustable Nose Clip: Make the neoprene masks tight to face and Prevent fogging.

neoprene filter mask features

Replaceable Filters for Neoprene Face Mask

The durable neoprene material face mask shell is washable and could be used for 2 years. We recommend hand washing the shell with hand soap and warm water. Then let it dry completely in air.

But the carbon filters are not washable. Generally, We suggest you replace it in 15-30 days if you use 2-3 hours per day. But if you use it in heavy dust environments like construction industrial, woodworking or high-risk area may infect coronavirus,  you may need to replace it in 3-5 days.

neoprene mask filter replacement tips

If you find the activated carbon filter has been depleted or visually the filter has been exhausted due to dust and other airborne particulates.  Please replace it immediately.

The filters can be replaced by turning the inside of each valve, counter-clockwise. Each filter is affixed in between the valves. Once removed, the old filter can be disposed, and the new filter can be placed in between the two valves. Turn the valves clockwise until they are tight.

how to replace the filter of face mask?

KN95 Certification For Neoprene Face Mask

Our Neoprene Face Mask has passed the KN95 certification, the filtration rate of it is above 95%, which is up to the standard of FFP2 and N95 face Masks. If you want to wholesale high quality neoprene face masks in bulk, our products will be one of the best choices because almost all other neoprene face masks are without KN95 certification in china at present. 

kn95 certification for neoprene face mask
N95 Certificaton for Neoprene Face Mask

Wholesale Face Masks for Coronavirus and Dust

If you want to purchase the lowest price of neoprene face mask to protect against COVID-19 and heavy industrial pollution , you come to the right place. As a manufacturer located in the Dongguan of china, where is the biggest base producing Neoprene Products.  We could wholesale neoprene masks at a cheap price. If you order face mask in bulk, we will give you a favorable discount.

If you just want wholesale reusable face mask with carbon filters for sports like running, biking, you may consider the neoprene face masks or cycling face masks.  If you are not a neoprene material lover, you may use the cloth cycling mask for summer.  Neoprene cycling masks are more fit for winter while biking. 

If you just want the cheap protective mask with N95 filter to prevent coronavirus, you may consider to choose the silicone face mask, the replaceable KN95 filter is very cheap. What is more, the silicone face masks like the neoprene face masks are widely used on construction&engineering, agriculture&minerals&coal, and transportation Industries.

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