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We adopt the multifunctional Bluetooth 5.0 module, high-fidelity stereo headphones, and high-quality breathable material to produce the most competitive sleep headphoens.
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Bluetooth Sleep headphones

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Sleep headphones is a headband with Bluetooth module and headphones build-in.  It adopts advanced noise reduction techniques and a superior stereo loudspeaker with a balanced super bass to ensure you enjoy amazing enhanced music.  With microphones function, You may make or receive phone calls while playing music.

If you’re someone that has a hard time sleeping at night,  Bluetooth sleep headphones could be potentially the resolution or solution to your insomnia issues.  If you cover your eyes with the headband headphones for sleeping, then it could be used as a bluetooth eye mask to block the light. You could probably wear this for noise cancellation while you are on an airplane and want a snap. 

When you running or doing your workouts, You may use it as a music sport headband, which could protect you from being disturbed by the sweat and mess hair, and let you enjoy hand-free music. Wireless sleep headphones are perfectly suitable for gym, workout, running, yoga, etc. 

noise cancelling headphones for sleeping

Features of Bluetooth Headband Headphones

LHIFI Sound Bluetooth Module: With the latest Bluetooth V5.0 chip, high-fidelity stereo headphones, bass effect shock, call clear and stable continuous.

Long Transmission Distance:  The transmission rate is fast and stable, effectively receiving signals up to 10 meters(33 feet). 

Friendly to the side sleepers: The thin and flat earbuds in the bluetooth headband is perfectly fit for a side sleeper.

Battery Life Display: You may check the battery life on your phone or related devices, and the bluetoothe headband headphones will warn you when the battery is low, then you don’t need to worry how long it could work.

Breathable and Washable:  Wireless headband headphones is made of durable and breathable material, which is incredibly soft and could absorb sweat. It is machine washable after you remove control pod from the headband.

Fit Most Head:  Bluetooth headband are super stretchy. It will fit your head perfectl, and very soft and comfortable without being too tight or too loose. 

Last 8 Hours:  Bluetooth headband has advanced rechargeable battery, could play 8 hours of music with 2-2.5 hours charging time only.

features of bluetooth headband

Application of Wireless Sleeping Headphones

Sleep Mask:  Wireless sleeping headphones are a perfect sleep mask when you Listen to music in bed at night while your partner falls asleep.

Sport Headband: Sleeping headphones are made of breathable material, you may use them as a sports headband to enjoy the music druing workout, gym, biking, jogging, yoga, walking.

Eye Mask: Sleep headphones is the best music eye mask for frequent flyers to sleep on long flights or sensitive sleepers (insomnia) who dislike glaring lights on any occasion.

Lose Noise: Noise-canceling headphones for sleeping is designed for people in airplane cabin noise, city traffic, or a busy office, which make you concentrate on what you are doing, such as listening to music, watching movies and videos.

Reduce Your Fatigue: Music headphone headband puts your body relaxing when you do some chores like housework that takes up most of your rest time. 

Reduce Stree:  If you are suffering in various degrees from excessive stress or worry. Wear the soft and comfortable wireless sleeping headphones and listen to the music you like could make you easy.

applications for wireless sleeping headphones

Custom Sleep Headphones 

If you want to custom sleep headphones, you come to the right place. As a manufacturer located in the Dongguan of China.  We could customize and wholesale sleep headphones at a cheap price. We adopt the multifunctional Bluetooth 5.0 module,  high-fidelity stereo headphones, and high-quality breathable material to make the most competitive products for you to purchase.

Custom sleep headphones are an ultimate awareness opportunity if you want to promote your brand, or a big company wants to supply gifts for all their people.   Bluetooth headband is practical and most people like this relaxation gift. Embroider your logo on the of sleep headphones, people may enjoy it with their family, friend, colleague, then you could exposure your brand much better.  

Custom Sleep headphones


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