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Bluetooth eye mask manufactured with high-quality bluetooth module and high-fidelity stereo sound. Noise cancelling sleeping headphones for home, office or public transit.
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Eye mask with headphones

Bluetooth Sleep Mask with Headphones

Some people struggle their whole lives just trying to get a good night’s sleep and everyone has their own tips to get to sleep. One of those can be listening to things like music podcasts at night, but if you’ve got a husband or a wife, this will keep them awake with your audio. Headphones may avoid this, but they can really hurt your ears after a while especially if you’re a side sleeper, Bluetooth Sleep Mask a really great solution for people. especially for a side sleeper,  who want to listen to the audio before they go to bed but don’t want to disturb the other person.

Soft padded Bluetooth sleep mask with little flat speakers inside is designed to be worn while you’re asleep, they’re perfectly flat so they’re not going to ache or distract you or be uncomfortable. Besides noise-canceling headphones for sleeping, It also works well in other noisy environments, especially in public transit, noisy neighbors, snoring mate.


Feature of Bluetooth Eye Mask with headphones

High-Quality Bluetooth Module: Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and Compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth devices including mobile phones, iPad, laptops, speakers, bracelets, watches, medical devices, and so on. The high quality Bluetooth module is made of better LED functions. 

High-Fidelity Stereo Sound:  The small flat speakers which act as the earbuds for your sleep phones. Our headphones could produce High-fidelity stereo sound.

Friendly to the side sleepers: Bluetooth control on the middle and is perfectly fit for a side sleeper.

Washable: Take the speakers and the Bluetooth module out of the Bluetooth sleep headphones. Hand washes the Eye mask with cold water, and air-dry.

Comfortable Material: Front is velvet fabric, the interior is made of premium memory foam, and the back is milk silk, so the headband for sleeping is cool, soft, and comfortable to your face and eyes.

Velcro Strap: There is a very flexible adjustable magic sticker which is the perfect size for most people, you can make it lose or tight as you like.

Last 8 Hours:  The Bluetooth eye mask with headphones has micro USB plug. It lasts 8 hours of playtime on a 1-2 hours charge and enough to support the whole night.

Blocking the Night: With full coverage and a uniquely designed nose area,  the wireless sleeping headphones could effectively block light from entering to help you relax in darkness and fall asleep faster.

features of bluetooth eye mask

Application of Bluetooth Sleep Mask 

Sleep in the day like Business lunch break.

Confortable music free space like Yoga Practise

Enjoy bluetooth sleep mask and it is not really not disturb anyone during air travel, car travel, business strip, or noise cancelling if someone wants to watch TV.

Sleep mask with headphones is best for frequent flyers to sleep on long flights or sensitive sleepers (insomnia) who dislike glaring lights in any occasions.

sleep mask with headphones

Custom Bluetooth Eye Mask 

If you want to wholesale Bluetooth eye masks, you come to the right place. As a manufacturer located in the Dongguan of China.  We could custom eye masks with headphones at a cheap price. If you order Bluetooth eye masks in bulk, we will give you a favorable discount.

Custom Bluetooth eye mask is a great choice if you want to make a promotion and expose your brand, or a big company wants to supply gifts for all their people.   Put your logo on the label of sleep headphones, but the craft is embroidery, so make it just one color.  

custom bluetooth eye mask


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